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If you want the quick answer: A good physiotherapist should be able to do everything a good chiropractor can do and more.

The longer answer: I get asked at least twice a week what I think about chiropractors.  Some people have this belief that there is an ongoing rivalry between the two professions, but it is just not true.  There is room in the allied health field for practitioners with different approaches; in fact we are all better off for it. Ultimately physiotherapy has a much broader scope of practice than chiropractic treatment does.  A well trained physiotherapist should have the ability to manipulate the spine, perform muscle release techniques, use acupuncture or IMS needling treatments, teach core stability exercises, help work on your posture and balance or build a sport specific training program for you.  Most chiropractors focus purely on joint manipulation with a smaller percentage also using muscle release techniques like Active Release (A.R.T.) or Trigenics.  Chiropractors may be the best at using manipulation as a treatment technique by virtue of pure experience and practice, but I would prefer a clinician that has the ability to manipulate me (if need be), needle me (if need be), use myofascial release (if need be) and spend the time with me to help me prevent the problem from arising again.  Ultimately a good physiotherapist should be able to do everything a good chiropractor can do and more.

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Our Physiotherapists are fully accredited by the Chartered Society of

Physiotherapy, the Health & Care Professions Council and the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

The senior Chartered Physiotherapist is Helen Durrans. Helen is a highly regarded physiotherapist who has spent the majority of her career as a military physiotherapist where she ran a rehabilitation clinic in the world famous Defence Medical and Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court for wounded soldiers. Since leaving the military in 2011 she has been engaged in private practice treating a wide range of patients with injuries just like yours.

Our aim at Local Physios is to get you mobile and pain free as quickly as possible in the shortest number of sessions saving you money and enhancing our reputation as your Local Physios.